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Dear Gov. Cuomo and New York Representatives,

You can be the Healthcare Heroes of the entire nation, by proving that we can provide care to all, state by state. New York's elected officials need to lead the charge for all Americans by passing the NY Health Act S4840.

We cannot wait for Washington D.C., Rep. John Conyers, or Sen. Bernie Sanders to pass legislation that will fix health care for the nation. We need to solve this problem at the state level. Seventeen states have legislation to enact universal, single-payer health care for all of their residents. New York has a responsibility to pass this legislation now, before the session ends June 21st, as it has national ramifications on both the conversation as well as the actualization of Single Payer all over the country.

We, the undersigned, ask Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York Legislature to be heroes for our country and lead us into a better, healthier, future.

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The Problem

Millions lack insurance Even with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), twelve percent of New York does not have insurance. With the Republican health care bill this number will balloon to over twenty percent of the population. Everyday 5 people die in New York because they don't have insurance, and that number is expected to rise as the elderly and most vulnerable will be the ones most affected by the reduced access to care.
The primary objective of for-profit insurers is to make a profit. These companies make billions of dollars a year and they reward their CEOs by paying them millions of our dollars a year. Thirty Percent of private insurance health care spending is on administration and advertising. In contrast, Medicaid and Medicare only spends three percent on their administrative costs.
The care we have now is too expensive to use. Under the ACA, the average silver plan deductible for New York in 2017 is $3572 for individuals and $7474 for families. Fifty-nine percent of Americans don't have the money for an unplanned $500 expense, thirty-one percent have delayed health care because of costs, and forty-one percent of crowdfunding campaigns are to cover medical costs.

The Solution

The New York Health Act(A4736/S4840) is expanded and improved Medicare for All for every New York resident. There are no deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, or premiums. It comprehensively covers all care - preventative, emergency, dental, vision, mental health, family planning, and prescriptions.
The New York Health Trust is funded fairly by progressively graduated assessments on payroll and non-payroll income. Ninety-eight percent of New Yorkers will save money over their current health care costs. A family making $60,000 a year would pay $56 a month for the entire family's health care. You can find out how much you could save at
It is the end of the multi-tiered system, where wealth buys you better health. New York is the only payer and everyone has equal access to services regardless of age, income, wealth, health, employment, or other status. It is public funding, privately delivered. Every doctor you choose to see in New York, as well as the treatment you need out of state in cases of expertise or emergency, is always covered.

There is wide support

A long list of organizations including clergy, unions, healthcare professionals, and businesses have endorsed the New York Health Act

108 Representatives Co-Sponsor
30 Members of the Senate and 78 Members of the Assembly

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New York is not alone

17 States have Single-Payer, Medicare For All bills in the works, and New York is paving the way. If both New York and California pass their legislation, 20% of all US citizens will be covered by comprehensive, and affordable care. An April 3rd, 2017 Poll by YouGov and The Economist [PDF] says 60% of Americans support expanding Medicare to cover all US citizens.

How We Will Win

These Three People can give health care to every New Yorker

Senator Kemp Hannon

Chair of the Senate Health Committee. He claims responsibility for the success of progressive health coverage for NY with the Health Care Reform Act, New York's Assisted Living Program, Child Health Plus, Healthy New York, Family Health Plus, and the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Program. The bill needs to make it out of the Health Committee before it can reach the floor for a vote. Please call, especially if you are in Senate District 6.

Senator John Flanagan

Majority Leader and Temporary President of the Senate. He is a staunch supporter of cutting costs and reducing the financial burden on New York citizens. The New York Health Act will not only reduce the cost of living for New Yorkers by slashing their medical costs and significantly reducing property taxes by eliminating local contributions to Medicaid, but it will also add $45 billion to New York's economy. Flanagan controls which bills can get to the floor for a vote. Please call, especially if you are in Senate District 2.

Senator Catherine Young

Chair of the Senate Finance Committee. She claims to be an advocate for middle-class families across the state. The New York Health Act would benefit middle class families the most. As a former member of the Cattaraugus County Board of Health she had the responsibility of ensuring the county did its part in meeting the health needs of residents, as Senator she needs to do the same for New York. The bill needs to make it out of the Finance Committee before it can reach the floor for a vote. Please call, especially if you are in Senate District 57.

It is important that your voice is heard at home. Your representative is an advocate for your interests, let them know how important the New York Health Act is to you. Call Your Own State Senator

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